Opening Times

Mon-Thu : 06:00 - 22:00

Fri : 06:00 - 20:30

Sat-Sun : 08:00 - 16:00

ProFIT28 is a New Concept Health & Fitness facility based at Westbourne House in Farsley/Rodley. The configuration of the building, across four floors, offers personalised spaces to enhance your training experience.

Westbourne House was a community building from 1700 to 1940, the CEO of ProFIT28 acquired the building in 1998. Since 1998 the building has gone through two major refurbishment programs. ProFIT28 are pleased and proud that the current refurbishment program will secure Westbourne House as an iconic landmark for another 20 years even more so that Westbourne House will once again serve the local community.

ProFIT28 pride ourselves on being unique to the fitness industry because we offer an exceptionally high specification facility and personal support at a low membership price.

So, what can ProFIT28 do for you?

ProFIT28 can provide the ultimate in coaching support in the ultimate environment to help you to reach your goals and targets in the quickest, realistic time possible. ProFIT28 are committed to work with established top-class training providers to ensure we provide the high end sessions as an integral part of your membership. ProFIT28 offer perfect facilities and an all over new experience within the fitness environment, be it group fitness classes, personal training, athletic performance, Olympic lifting, functional movement, or just the social aspect of finding a new 'gym buddy'.

ProFIT28 can provide a social environment and gym community for you to feel comfortable, thrive in the surroundings and enjoy the local community fitness centre.

ProFIT28 offers YOU a personalised fitness experience like no other facility in the area at a cost you can afford.

ProFIT28 is committed to Fitness & Wellbeing and understands the need to engage young people in life style changes and this is the driving force behind the ProFIT28 Learning Zone. This is a free service to local primary schools where ProFIT28 staff work with pupils in their schools and other locations to remove barriers and support them with exercise that is fun. We all have a responsibility to build a better future for young people and ProFIT28 is leading the way with the Learning Zone Program.

ProFIT28 is a Gym, Multi Function Facility, Studio Class, Cycle Room and much more depending on each members own goals and expectations.

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